Terms & Conditions

Electric Audio Ltd (EAL) services and repairs Musical Instrument Amplifiers, Keyboards, Pro Audio equipment inc passive and powered PA Speakers, live sound amplifiers, monitors for live sound and studio, audio interfaces, professional microphones, preamps, rack equipment, mixing consoles, professional DJ equipment inc CDJ’s, Turntables, DJ Mixers and DJ Controllers.

Custom guitar amplifier and speaker cabinet commissions, audio distribution cabling fabrication by arrangement.

Repairs accepted by EAL are on a case by case basis. Contact via email or website enquiry form is preferred. Desired turnaround must be advised upon enquiry and is subject to current workload and availability of replacement parts & components required for full repair and servicing.

NB: As of August 2022 global availability of parts, consumables, shipping, delivery times and associated costs are fraught with complexities beyond EAL and our supplier’s control. We will endeavour to advise timelines for component sourcing and repair solutions where possible; however all global manufacturing, supply and freight agencies are grappling with uncertainty. EAL maintains an extensive component inventory to circumvent these issues where possible and are working closely with all suppliers to deliver satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

Known equipment faults, modifications and repairs required must be advised at time of acceptance to allow accurate assessment of costs, component needs, quotation and turnaround. Additional faults that become apparent after initial diagnosis and repair will be communicated to customers before further work is carried out to allow reassessment of complete solutions to functional problems and potential costs.

Proprietary accessories, cabling, adaptors, power supplies and components (eg fastening bolts, screws, casing and grill covers) must be included with items.

If your repair is under warranty please take it back to the place of purchase or contact the distributer to authorise us to do the repair. Manufacturers warranty will be void if work is carried out without approval.

We will do insurance appraisals under instruction from your insurance company not after the claim process has been initiated. We will only conduct honest and accurate insurance appraisals.

We do not require jug cord (IEC C13/C14) or Figure 8 (IEC C7/C8) power cables from your device to make repair. If these cables are included they will be assessed prior to PAT testing per EAL workshop policy for compliance requirements at an additional cost to other charges.

Urgent repairs and servicing may be made upon special arrangement subject to workload. Labour for these services will be charged at the urgent repair tariff of 1.5 times standard labour rates.

Drop off and collection of items is strictly on an appointment basis within workshop hours at EAL premises.

Shipping, packaging and freight can be arranged for transportation of equipment to and from the workshop around New Zealand.

EAL does not repair or appraise domestic Hi Fi equipment, home stereo amplifiers or home stereo speakers. Links to those repairers and agencies can be found on the main page under Things we don’t fix.

Due to scarcity of replacement parts, lack of manufacturer support and service information we sadly can no longer accept specific items and brands. Unfortunately the list of equipment no longer cost effective to repair grows with time, so please be sure to identify make and model upon enquiry.

Assessment fee / deposit of $57.50 must be paid upon intake of item(s) at EAL. All repairs are payment on delivery unless otherwise arranged. In some cases a deposit for more expensive or specialised parts may be required before work on the repair can commence.

Item(s) will be stored for a maximum of 90 days from completion of repair and customer notification, whereafter disposal of abandoned items will be made at EAL discretion.

All repairs remain the property of Electric Audio Limited until full payment is received.